Why choose AGISANTÉ?

Our experience and knowledge
of the job


  • 18 years in international recruitment of highly qualified staff
  • Recruitment of doctors and other health care professionals since 2007
  • Dozens of recruitments completed successfully

A Europe-wide search


Thanks to our presence in the heart of Europe and to our representatives in the main recruiting grounds of the European continent, we can search for the skills required where they are available.


Quality Guidance


  • We advise our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

  • Our consultants travel in person in the area in order to meet the client, to get to know them better, and to take the client’s special features into account.
  • The candidates are usually interviewed in their country of origin, or in certain cases the consultant overseeing the recruitment may accompany them and introduce them to the client.
  • Once the candidate has taken up the post, the client and the candidate are consulted to ensure that everything is running well, and if necessary to intervene to prevent any misunderstandings which would jeopardize a good working relationship.

A Thorough and Professional
Selection Procedure


The candidates have to pass through several ‘filters’, which guarantees quality candidates to our clients and minimizes the risks of recruitment failure:

  • pre-selection by our Research Officers,
  • assessment and selection by the Consultant responsible for the assignment,
  • self-assessment grid for each specialization,
  • multiple interviews (by telephone and in person) between the consultant and the client,
  • psychological test,
  • following up of targeted references,
  • tailor-made language preparation (general and specialist medical language),
  • on-line training using our distance resources

References and
a wide-ranging network


  • As the result of a decade’s work, we have at our disposal a vast database of European health professionals.
  • Our success rate is 95% (the proportion of candidates still in their post at the end of our guarantee period).
  • We work with a broad range of public and private sector employers. References are available on request.


By delegating a mission to us you:

  • save the considerable time required to search for the ideal profile,
  • increase the chances of a successful search, thanks to the experience, network, and the tried-and-tested methods of hardened professionals,
  • maintain a positive image for your organization to all of the candidates who, whether or not they are finally selected, all receive honest and transparent feedback.


Methodology  ➙ several selection interviews, skills assessment, psychological tests, taking of references

Appointment  ➙ checking the effectiveness of the recruitment; a guarantee that goes beyond the candidate’s taking up of the post

Ethics  ➙ we do not approach the candidates we have placed for at least one year following their recruitment

Innovation  ➙ constant improvement of our methods, setting up a training programme to prepare candidates before they take up the post

Descărcați broșura noastră

Each recruitment challenge has a different solution.


Whether you are looking for a hospital doctor, a private doctor, a biotechnology researcher or even a senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry, AGISANTÉ has set up two types of service depending on the nature of your need and how urgent it is.

European Selection

Basic mission principles in this service:

  • are looking for one or more Health Care Professionals
  • have no particular urgency (standard time-frame)
  • seek a candidate with no special or rare skills who may come from anywhere in Europe
  • ask for no advance payment/deposit in order to start the mission
  • do not insist on being exclusive agents (until a candidate approved by you has been found)

Our European Selection service allows us to respond to a normal recruitment need, and aims to find and attract a health care professional with ‘typical’ skills in a standard time-frame. This search requires us to implement our traditional recruitment methods, namely:

  • scanning our own database and network, including the candidates we have placed,
  • placing advertisements in specialized local media covering all Europe,
  • being present in specialized recruitment fairs in southern and eastern Europe,
  • our own website, which receives many visits each day,
  • social media: posting the position on facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.

Direct Approach

Basic mission principles in this service:

  • are looking for one or more specialists in a given time-frame,
  • need someone with rare or particular skills
  • want us to base the search on one country or a combination of countries
  • ask for a deposit in order to start the search,
  • commit ourselves to a deadline (+/- 8 to 10 weeks),
  • ask to be exclusive agents right from the beginning of the mission,
  • invoice the service only after you have approved a quote.

Our Direct Approach service responds to a one-off recruitment need, and aims to detect and attract a health care professional with very specific or rare skills, coming from a particular sector and/or European country, within a given time-frame. This is thus a ‘tailor-made’ search, conducted according to the needs, expectations and desires of the recruiting client. It thus requires considerable set of targeted research tools.

This method is the application of highly specific search tools in order to attract ‘high-flyer’ profiles (director of a health care establishment, executive manager, rare/specific senior skills in medicine or pharmaceutical research, etc.) within a specific time-frame.

This mode of research, also known as ‘headhunting’, requires means in advance of the mission and thus makes a deposit necessary in order to set up the research process.

If you wish, or if you require, we can focus our search on France, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania) or any other country of your choice in Europe.

The means of our European Selection search (advertisements, database searching, activating our networks, on-line psychological test) is added to this specialized research method.

The Procedure

One of AGISANTÉ’s most attractive principles is embodied in its thorough recruitment process, which breaks down into the following stages:


1Our process is approved by you (signing of the mission contract)

2A description of the post is drafted, describing the ideal candidate

3Research is carried out, a suitable application is presented (CV + report + self-assessment grid + references)

4Telephone interview(s) are held between the candidate and you

5Trip to Introduce the Candidate

6Psychological Test

7Registration with the Medical Board

Language and professional training

9Candidate takes up the post

10Client and candidate are monitored after the candidate has taken up the post


In order to stack the odds in your favour for a successful future recruitment, we recommend that you:


inform our consultancy of your need as soon as possible. The duration of a mission can vary greatly depending on the profile sought for, but very rarely lasts less than three months, between the signature of the search contract and the vacancy being filled. If your need exists at present, please in your own interests share it with us as soon as possible. Recruitments made in haste are often doomed to failure.

communicate openly with us regarding information on the work environment and life of the future recruit. Before the mission starts we must be able to provide information as complete as possible equally to all the potential candidates.

be a genuine partner with us in the challenge that recruitment poses. We will have to go ‘hand in hand’ in order to attract the best talents who will at times receive multiple offers simultaneously. We need your quick responses in order to get them interested and include them in the recruitment process. We have to act on your behalf, as if we were the HR department in your organization, as ambassadors.

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