In addition to professionalism, from the accuracy and the speed with which they answered my questions, I was able to feel the sensitivity and understanding the recruitment consultancy AGISANTÉ has for us doctors, in taking decisions such as starting a new professional and personal life in another country. AGISANTÉ then stays by our side, keeping in constant contact. My sincere thanks!


The service provided by AGISANTÉ is always professional and courteous, and for me greatly simplified the weighty and difficult decision to change countries. Thanks to them, I found a very high quality job while at the same time saving time and journeys. If I were to start over, I wouldn’t hesitate to trust my candidate file to their good care once again.


I want to share my utter satisfaction with the services provided by AGISANTÉ, for their availability, promptness, courtesy, and professionalism in searching for a job that corresponded to my requirements and professional profile. My thanks to them.


My experience with AGISANTÉ? Very positive! For someone like me, who was moving abroad for the first time, their help was decisive: the first contacts, meeting and negotiating with the employer, formalities; they dealt with everything seriously, quickly, and, I’m pleased to say, in a polite and friendly manner. This was an important change in my career and life, and they managed to make it simple.


I am very satisfied with the way AGISANTÉ Consultancy acted in their dealings with me: to sum it up in a word: professionalism. When I contacted AGISANTÉ, their permanent feedback counted for a lot to me, enabling me to be constantly kept informed about my genuine chances of coming to work as a doctor in France.


I contacted AGISANTÉ Consultancy in May 2010 and from 1st October 2010 I was able to start my job in Alsace, in a hospital in a small picturesque town, as an internist. During this six months of suspense, we had to wait until my certificate of conformity arrived, which took two months. After I had met the consultancy team personally, I soon received a reply and a job offer, which I accepted.


Words are useless because actions speak for themselves! From the first interview in Romania right up to moving to France, their serious, prompt and effective manner were the key elements of the cooperation with the AGISANTÉ recruitment consultancy. It is a company that deserves all your trust and I warmly recommend it to all those who want to work as doctors in France.